When God Shows Up

king and country

If you read the post from yesterday, you read how rough these past few months have been on Paige and our family. I am sure you could hear my pain, frustration and how overwhelmed I was when I wrote it. But, this is when God shows up. When we are raw, vulnerable and just can’t go on. When we want to give up and fall down completely broken, God reminds us that He is here.

This came through the message of someone I don’t know. She saw through a friend of a friend the video that I posted about Paige wanting to give up and she wrote to me. Let me say, her message came amidst about 10 others all questioning our motives, our path to healing and the choices we are making, so it was a welcome change from the others. (I don’t mean this rudely, I know everyone means well and I try and answer with grace) She to tested positive for Lyme Disease and has been on her path to healing for almost a year. She is a mom of a large family (so I connected with her of course) and she shared her struggles, her trials and her lows. Then she shared her good, and her ‘ups’ and she encouraged us to keep fighting. I must say, I sat there reading through tears. Someone ‘got it’!! She understood our road. She understood the choices we are making don’t come without worry and strife. She understood that nothing about Lyme is easy. It was refreshing to hear someone say, ‘You are doing well! Keep fighting for your girl’!

king and country

At the end of her message she shared this song with me and said she thought they wrote it with their sister, who has Lyme, in mind. I was like, there is no way! No one knows about Lyme and writes about it. So I googled it…and guess what??? They DID write it for their sister Libby, who does have Lyme and was in a very low point and wanted to give up. Here is their interview, where they talk about Libby being their inspiration:


I must have played this several times. Someone else understood where Paige was coming from, someone else had the thoughts of giving up. I looked up the song and played it over and over again!! It has now become our theme song for life! We WON’T give up. We WON’T let Paige get up!


I knew that I had to message them and let them know how their story and song ministered to us. I found their facebook page (love social media) and sent them a message. I shared a little bit about Paige, the video of her crying and wanting to give up and how their song had become our ‘anthem’! I fully expected to never hear from them…but I woke up this morning to this beautiful message:

“Jennifer, Thank you so much for sharing, we are deeply honored by that! Paige is definitely in our thoughts and prayers! She is God’s PRICELESS gift! We will pass this along to the team and continue to stand with you in prayer! God bless you! -m8”

I was humbled. They took the time to read, listen and respond. A couple of hours later they sent me this link and said that Libby asked them to pass it along. My heart skipped a beat, Libby, a fellow Lymie knows about Paige and will also be praying for her. Someone who understands the lows will be praying for MY Paige ❤ I may have started crying at this point.

And my tears continued as I read what Libby wrote in her blog. I think you can take her name off of it and add Paige’s and every word written will still ring true. Her life, her symptoms, her feelings; all parallel Paige. It was almost healing to read her blog, to know that we are not alone. Someone has gone before us and someone knows what this journey is all about.

PLEASE, PLEASE take the 10 minutes to read Libby’s words and leave her a note thanking her for sharing her story and her heart. And then pray for her and pray for Paige. Pray for their journey, their heart, their spirit and for their healing.


king and country 2


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One thought on “When God Shows Up

  1. Thanks for sharing your story! I have suffered depression/ anxiety and had cancer. I find telling people how they can help, helps them be able to minister. I love the part about toxic food, things, and people. Prayers for complete healing. Thank you also for ministering to Paige. I know your blessed her and her family.


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