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We have gained a lot of new followers over the past couple of weeks so I wanted to first say, THANK YOU, for choosing to follow Paige and our family during our journey with Lyme. We appreciate you wanting to know about Paige and Lyme Disease and hope that we can share facts about Lyme with you and that you will help spread awareness.

Paige is 16 (17 next month) and was diagnosed with Chronic Lyme Disease, 5 co infections and 18 viruses this past March. She showed her first symptom in November of 2016. We spent the next several months going to many doctors and having many tests run, without any real answers. When we came to the end of our rope, we sought help outside traditional western medicine, This is where we heard Lyme mentioned and after a couple more tests and muscle testing, we got the clear diagnosis of Chronic Lyme.

We have decided to treat Paige with a more natural protocol, since she had never had an antibiotic and rarely OTC medicine in her life. We felt this would be easier on her system to tolerate. She is currently under the care of an AMAZING Dr, who also has Lyme, and she is hopeful that we can get Paige into remission going this route. She has prepared us for a long, hard road, but she is fairly certain that Paige will back to her normal self in 3-5 years.


We appreciate the messages, calls, texts and comments, but they do get overwhelming. Please KNOW that our only goal right now is getting Paige well. We know there are MANY different paths to remission for Lyme and that many different things have worked for other people. But right now, we are following the advice of her doctor and doing what she says. We are seeing results and we will continue down this path until we don’t. I don’t mean to be rude, and I KNOW people mean well, but 17 messages about VItamin C in a week just takes a lot of time away from me caring for Paige. People don’t know her protocol, what she is on and why, or what she isn’t on or why. And while I know others want the best for Paige, sometimes these messages are counter productive. (Sorry if this comes across mean, not my intention)

We try to be very honest with what we are going through on a daily basis, this is not meant to be a Debbie Downer or fish for sympathy or pity, we are mearly sharing how devastating Lyme can be. We want people to SEE what Paige is going through and how horrible this disease is to her body. We understand that some of the pictures and videos will be hard to watch, and we are sorry, but it is our reality. It is what we deal with on a daily basis. It isn’t easy and it isn’t pretty. Watching Paige cry due to severe pain, struggle to do the simplest of task, throw up pills, fall down while walking and struggle with everyday life is heartbreaking. It is almost more than I can bare most days, but is our life, it is real!

You will see that we share fundraisers often. I really wish I didn’t have to do this, asking for and taking money/donations is REALLY hard for me. But it is also our reality. It costs about $2500 a month to treat Paige. (none of which is covered by her insurance and she has been denied disability/SSI) This is almost 50% of our families gross pay. There is NO WAY that we can continue with her treatment without help from others. God has been so faithful to date, and we have been able to provide everything she needs, and for that we are so thankful. We have some pretty amazing friends and family who have sent money, donated items to our auctions and set up fundraisers. We will forever be grateful for their help, support and generosity. I was never one to support the idea of ‘It Takes A Village’, but I am realizing that there is some truth to that statement. We have a great village and without them, we could not treat Paige. Thank you doesn’t seem like enough, but it is all I got.

How are some ways that you can help:
1. If you believe in prayer, please pray for Paige. Pray for healing and that her body will continue to respond to the treatments. Pray for her dad and I as we have to make the choices about care and treatment and what is best for Paige. Pray for her siblings, whose lives have also been turned upside down. Nothing about our current life is ‘normal’ and that is hard for everyone.
2. If you are able, send Paige a note, card or picture. Let her know that you are thinking of and praying for her. We have kept every card she has got and hang pictures up around her bed.
3. If you would like to send a gift to Paige, we have set up an Amazon wish list and you can send something from there.
4. If you would like to help with some of the costs of her treatments, you can send donations via PayPal, (email is PRIDERECON@AOL.COM), venmo @Jennifer-vanBreemen or vanBreemenmom@gmail.com,
or check or money order (message for our address)
5. You can help with the cost of Paige’s very strict diet (Gluten, sugar and dairy free and all organic and non GMO with HIGH animal fat foods) by sending gift cards to Whole Foods, Sprouts or Aldi’s. Paige’s special diet is about $300 a month, this is in addition to her treatments. We don’t have any good health food stores close, so we need to drive 45-60 min to get Paige the food that she needs.

Thank you again for being ‘here’, for supporting Paige and our family and for your prayers and encouragement. We do appreciate it.



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