Update on Justin and Karacatonus


We had a follow up appointment with Justin’s eye specialist today and we didn’t get great news. After some mapping and testing, they could determine that his keratoconus has progressed quite significantly since he was last seen. His left eye is a lot worse than his right and degenerating at a greater rate. We were kind of prepared for this, since he has really noticed his eyes changing and the fact that they caught it in his basic medical at MEPS.

We have a couple of options, first is to get the hard contacts. There are more cons than pros to this, mainly the price, as it can be up to $10,000! Insurance does not cover these because they aren’t considered medically necessary, even though he can go blind from this disease.  It also takes several tries to get the right ones, they are kind of painful and they need redone or updated often. Second, is to let it degenerate enough to need a corneal transplant and hopefully he will have good insurance by then and insurance will pay for it. And our third option and the one we are leaning towards is a procedure called cross linking. His doctor told us about this at his last visit, but it wasn’t approved in the US then. It is now and his doctor will be offering it starting in October. This procedure will not correct his eyes, but it will stop the degeneration.  His doctor says he is the perfect candidate and is very confident that it will work for him. But…you know there had to be a but…it is $3500 an eye for a cash patient. Because it is so new, insurance won’t cover it, so our options are cash for $3500 or credit for $5000 an eye. We can start with just the left eye, since that is the really bad one, and do the right eye later. Once he heals from this he will then need surgery to put ‘intacs’  in. These are basically internal contacts for keratoconus. These will help reshape the cornea AND improve Justin’s vision. We didn’t get a price on this surgery, but I am sure it isn’t cheap either. The cross linking will stop degeneration and the intacs will repair the cornea and improve his vision.


We have a follow up appointment with Dr. Blanton on October 20. This gives us some time to try and figure out how to pay for the procedure, it gets Justin done with school so he will be able to have the surgery and it gets us closer to the doctor’s office offering cross linking.

The procedure is expensive, but it needs done to save Justin’s vision and not need a corneal transplant. If we can save his eyes and not need the transplant that will be great! Please pray with us that the Lord will make a way for this to happen. We can always wait until Justin is done with school and working and he can help pay for it, but we would rather it be done before he starts a new job so he doesn’t have to take time off work. We understand that this may not happen, we may not have a choice but to wait, but we will still pray for there to be a way to happen quickly. In 15 months, there has been significant degeneration, we don’t want to wait another 6-9 months. The longer we wait, the less chance we have of it working.
We know we serve a big God, He made way for Paige to get her treatments when we saw no way, so we will trust in Him to make a way for Justin. (and pray that things mellow for us for a bit)


Justin 2


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