Quick Family Update:

Quick Family Update:
Jim is completing his first week at the new job. He seems to really like it. It is very, very different then he is used to, but that seems to be good so far. He hasn’t worked for a dealership body shop before and they do things very different.  Most of his jobs have been at high-end shops with state of the art equipment, and this shop still hand writes RO’s. So that is taking some getting used to. They don’t have a management system, so he feelss lost without having reports and lists all the time.
The employees he works are great, he says everyone is so nice. The manager and service manager keep thanking him all the time for what is taking over already and how he jumps in and handles things. They seem super excited to have them there and learn what he knows and help the shop grow. The stress level is almost zero at this shop. Which is amazing and much needed with the stress we have at home. 
They also provide uniforms, like pants AND shirts and they even launder them and return them to him. First time in 21 years of marriage I don’t have to wash work clothes. I am a bit excited about that.
We are hearing (and seeing by how long people have been employed there) that they take really good care of their employees, and this will be a welcome change to the past few jobs.
He is driving down the hill, but the commute time isn’t much longer than the job in Hesperia since it is all freeway And he gets off 30 min earlier, so he is home around the same time. So, he is home to eat with us each night. That is awesome.
This job offers great time off, which is also something we have never had before. Jim will be able to go with to AZ for the Ride to Fight Lyme Fundraiser in November.
Check out the ride information here:
Paige is struggling pretty bad these days. We aren’t sure if it the treatment plan, herxing or just the Lyme. We see her doctor on Saturday so we can go over it all with her. It has been 9 months since she had her first symptom. It is almost too much to take in to look back and think how much our life has changed since that day.
Paige is a trooper. Most days she handles it all pretty well. Even when she is in so much pain she is crying, she will still make a joke or remind herself that it can always be worse. I really believe that is the only thing that keeps us all going. If she was always depressed it would make this so much harder for everyone.
Justin signed up for the local community college yesterday to take their EMT course. He was put on a waiting list, but it shows they still have openings. He has an appt on Tuesday to take an assessment test and hopefully meet with someone to find out the next steps. If he gets in, he will start the end of the month. He is working on getting his CPR certificate next week and all of the background information they require. He is learning how to be an adult real quick 😉
We have joined a charter school this year, which was a really, really hard decision. But we have found one that we think will work really well for our family. I will still be doing the teaching at home and catering to our different learning styles, but we will also be taking an enrichment course on Wednesday’s with other teachers and students. We will also be doing field trips and other activities with the school. The main benefit for us are the funds that they give us per child. We will be able to offer the kids so much more with these funds. I have been able to order curriculum I have only dreamed about in the past, we will be doing TONS of art projects and experiments and we will be doing lots of field trips, all with Inspire Funds.
Because we joined a bit late, we are still waiting for our orders to be approved and ordered, so we will start a little later than we had hoped. But it is all good, we will work it out. We are just starting slower this year. Doing a few things each week and adding in as our supplies arrive.
Chloe will be taking either dance or gymnastics with her extra curricular funds, Bryce is thinking he would like to do martial arts, Samantha is leaning towards piano lessons with ballet a close second (I know right?? I was shocked also) and Blake would like to take guitar and maybe martial arts. It looks like I will be a taxi this year with all of these lessons and doctors appointments.
We hosted an auction this past week for Paige and we were able to raise money for her treatments. That was a huge relief to me, her treatment envelope was almost empty and we are pretty tight with the week of no work and now the job change. We will go over a month without a paycheck and then only have 1 in August to catch up with. I try not to stress about that, but we are praying for a miracle like the fish and the loaves. We need money to stretch this month.
If you know of any other fundraisers, please let me know. I think we will have to continue to fundraiser for a while to help cover her treatments.
I guess that updates you on what is going on around here. Things are busy and hectic, but that is nothing new. I am just enjoying it for now. Justin, Samantha and I were up late last night watching TV and joking around. And it hit me that in just a few short years, I will only have 2 kids at home. I am gonna miss this very much. SO as chaotic as my life seems, I am soaking it all in and being thankful for all of my kids still under my roof. God is good all the time!!

How can you help:
1. PRAY!! Pray for our family. As we go through the job change, school change and help Paige on her road to recovery.
2. Send pictures or notes of encouragement. Paige can’t focus so much, so reading is hard. But a simple note that says “you got this” or “way to go Paige” or “we have faith in you” are really uplifting to her. I will hang them around her room so she can see them when is in there.
3. Amazon, if you want to send something to Paige to make her smile, I have set up a list of things she needs and some wants. The needs obviously help her, but the wants are a small little pick me up during all of this.

4. PayPal, this isn’t cheap! Her appointments, medicine and therapies are over 60% of our gross pay and each month that goes up a little bit. We CAN NOT afford this on our own. We hate asking for money, but it is needed. Without your help, we cannot treat Paige. It is as simple as that. It is only through donations and fundraisers that we continue this course of treatment for Paige.
If you have PayPal, you can send direct as a friend and we won’t be charged the 3% fee PRIDERECON@AOL.COM
If you don’t have PayPal, you can send through this link:PayPal.Me/jennifervanbreemen
5. Pray! Pray some more. For all of us. I am mentally trying to prepare myself for what is to come, but I know it will be harder than we imagine. Pray for Jim and me, at we can stay strong and be there for Paige as she needs it.
6. Give grace. I am really trying hard to keep everyone up to date, but time does get away from me. I am also trying really hard to stay on top of thank you notes, but that just isn’t happening. Please know that we appreciate EVERYTHING everyone is doing, even if I don’t get a thank you note out. With 6 kids, a house to run, school to teach and Paige to take care of, I am not as on top of things as I once was. Please extend grace if I don’t get a thank you note out or if it takes me several weeks.
7. Visit the fundraiser page we have set up. We always have some fun way to help Paige out. Right now, it is with Lilla Rose clips. In July, it will be with an auction. Check it out and share it far and wide.


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