Back to School: Wacky Holidays

Who is ready for school to start back up? Whether you homeschool or your kids attend  school, most families look forward to ‘back to school’ time. Everything is new and fresh, we have goals and ideals for the new year. We are well rested after the summer and ready to get back into a routine, start another year and look forward to the cool weather that is just around the corner.

For us, we are starting our 15th year of homeschooling. We graduated our first child last December (6 months early) at age 17. He is doing well! Living at home while he goes to EMT school before deciding where he will end up. He would like out of California (don’t we all), but would like to finish school while still living at home (AKA mom and dad help out a lot) and be here to help with Paige while she is so sick. We will be homeschooling our other 5 children this year, teaching grades 2-11th! 😉

We have made lots of changes to our routine this year. Having a sick child has really changed our life and we needed to make some adjustments to our schedule. I also have 3 in high school this year and 2 in elementary. That is going to be a challenge in and of itself. One thing we haven’t changed is making learning FUN!! We will be doing lots of hands on activities, experiments, field trips and celebrating wild and wacky holidays.

Did you know that every day is a holiday? There is something to celebrate every day! We started incorporating these ‘holidays’ into our school day several years ago. It was a time in our life where we really needed to focus on the fun and silly. We have enjoyed this part of our school and have continued with it. Beyond the fun of it, it also helps us realize that each day is special. Each day is unique. And each day is to be celebrated. Even the bad days. It has helped us look for the silver lining and be thankful for everything.

I wanted to share with you some August Wacky Holidays and how we will ‘celebrate’. Maybe you can use some of the ideas in your home. (it doesn’t have to be for school) If you do, please share your ideas and pictures with me.


August 1: Friendship Day and National Raspberry Ice Cream Day
We will be making raspberry ice cream of course. Raspberries are a family favorite so
everyone will love making ice cream. (and it counts as home ec)

August 2: National Ice Cream Sandwich Day
One of my kids got an ice cream sandwich maker for Christmas a few years ago. We
are going to use that, home-made cookies and homemade ice cream to make our own
ice cream sandwiches. I think we will share them with our neighbors also.

August 3: National Watermelon Day
Chloe LOVES watermelon, like she will eat a whole one in one sitting. She is gonna
LOVE this ‘holiday’. We are gonna make fresh watermelon popsicles and tie dye
watermelon shirts.

August 4: Twins Day Festival
We are going to read statistics on twins and the kids are going to dress like twins

August 5: National Mustard Day
Now, only half of my kids actually like mustard, so today is going to be a challenge. We
are going to make mustard chicken for those that like mustard 🙂 and we are going to
try our hand at making mustard. It doesn’t seem that hard, so we will give it a try. (It
can be science and home ec after all)

August 6: Wiggle Your Toes Day
We will talk about toes. Why are they important? Can you walk without toes? And we
will probably paint our toes to make them pretty before we wiggle them.

August 7: Sea Serpent Day
Make a sea serpent out of Legos (pinned on Pinterest)
Can the Oarfish be a sea serpent?

August 8: Sneak Some Zucchini Onto Your Neighbors Porch Day
OK, I do have to wonder how they come up with these holidays. Like really?? This one
is crazy. BUT, we have some new neighbors, so we are gonna play along. We are going
to make some zucchini bread also and leave that also. Who wants to find a zucchini on
their porch? Not many! But if accompanied by some delicious bread/muffins and a
recipe card to make their own, it now becomes a gift!

August 9: National Polka Festival
What is Polka Music? Where did it orginate? We will listen to some music and see if
they can Polka Dance.

August 10: Lazy Day
This means mom gets a day off and we won’t do anything.
But another part of me wants to review character and how being lazy isn’t good. Read
Bible verses on being lazy vs working hard.

August 11: Presidential Joke Day
Read some presidential jokes. Let the kids learn some to tell dad at dinner.

August 12: Middle Child Day
Being a family with 6 kids, I have 2 middle children. And it seems sometimes they get
lost in the shuffle. Justin is an adult now, Paige is sick and the littles, well they are
pretty spoiled 😉 So today I am gonna take my 2 middles kids to a treat of their choice.

August 13: Blame Someone Else Day
Today we will talk about the consequences of not taking responsiblity for your own

August 14: National Creamsicle Day
Now I can get behind this day!! Today we are going to make a few different
creamsicle recipes. Pinterest is full of them. Choose one (or five) that your
family will like.

August 15: National Relaxation Day
I am contemplating giving the kids a day off of school today. Not sure yet 🙂 I will
see how well they have done up to this point.

August 16: Bratwurst Festival
I dislike this day as much as I liked creamsicle day 🙂 I am NOT a fan of brats or
sausage of any kind…BUT, my family is. So we will have brats and potatoes for
dinner tonight

August 17: National Thrift Shop Day
Today I am gonna give the kids each $5 and visit our local thrift store. They will be
given the instructions that they can NOT spend the money on themselves. I am
interested in seeing what and who they buy for.

August 18: Bad Poetry Day
Review types of poetry and have the kids either look up or write a bad poem

August 19: Potato Day
Potatoes are a staple in our home. They are cheap, everyone likes them and you can
make them a million different ways. Seasoned, roasted potatoes are one of the foods
that actually taste good to Paige lately. We will be making our whole evening meal
with potatoes. Check out pinterest for recipes that your family will like.

August 20: National Radio Day
Learn about who invented the radio. When was it invented? How would life be
different without it?

August 21: National Spomoni Day
I will admit, I had no idea what Spomoni was until I looked it up for this holiday. And
it looks pretty amazing. I found several recipes on pinterest and we will making one
Or more of them.

August 22: Be An Angel Day
Because I just LOVE it when lessons can cross over, we are going to use today to make
a few Christmas gifts. We will be making angel ornaments that we will give away at

August 23: National Sponge-Cake Day
Are you noticing that many holiday revolve around food? Since we really like food
and cooking/baking, we aren’t complaining. Today we are going to make sponge cake.
There are a million recipes on Pinterest, you can find one that your family will enjoy.

August 24: Knife Day
I am at a loss for this day. We teach our kids about weapons, their uses and how to
handle them with respect and care. So I am not sure what to do today. So check back
and see what I came up with.

August 25: Kiss and Make Up Day
Well, I’m not sure any of my kids will go for kissing each other, lol So we won’t be
doing that. So I am really stretching it on this one. Chloe has asked to make more
bubble gum lip balm, so we are going to do that today. Hey, ya need nice lips to
kiss right??

August 26: National Cherry Popsicle Day
Today we are going to make cherry popsicles. I may even stretch a bit and make the
cherry coke popsicles that I have been wanting to try.

August 27: Petroleum Day
We talked about gas and how it relates to the flood a few years ago. So I needed to
come up with something different for today. We are going to talk about gas, its
different uses and if we can live without it. I will transition it into solar power and
I am going to surprise the kids with a kit to make a solar robot. Bryce has been asking
to make a robot for a long while, so I ordered one and they can make it for this

August 28: World Sauntering Day
Ok, this is another one of those ‘what are they thinking’ holidays. But to still celebrate
it, we will talk about different types of walks. And then touch on how thankful we are
to have the ability to walk. I must admit, having a child who has to now use a
wheelchair really puts things into perspective. Being able to walk was always
something I took for granted…not anymore.

August 29: More Herbs, Less Salt
Herbs are amazing part of our garden and our cooking. Today we are going to make a
couple different herbal seasonings that we can use as Christmas gifts. (If you follow
our school year, you will learn that I LOVE when lessons can cross over. So today we
are not only celebrating a special day, we are also making Christmas gifts. The kids
are also practicing life skills in the kitchen and safety using knives and kitchen tools.
These days can be much more than just silly holidays)

August 30: National Toasted Marshmallow Day
Another day that won’t be my favorite but my kids will LOV. We will be having roasted
marshmallows for dessert tonight. It will be nice to sit around the fire pit outside and
all hang out.

August 31: National Trail Mix Day
Several years ago, when it seemed like I have more time, we used to make different
things and send a package every couple of weeks to my gramma in Colorado. She
really liked getting these boxes and enjoyed seeing what the kids were learning. I
have decided to start doing these again and today we will making her a special
trail mix with some of her favorite things (dried blueberries, chocolate coffee beans
cashews). I hope she enjoys the different things the kids will include in these bi-
monthly/monthly boxes.


Well there is a months worth of fun and wacky holidays for your family to celebrate. Remember to always find the joy in the day. Focus on the good and be thankful, even if it didn’t go as you had hoped. We aren’t promised tomorrow, so make the best out of today!!





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