Justin: His Step Into Adulthood

I have been asked by several people about Justin and his plans for the future since being disqualified from the Navy. Here is the short of it.

Justin was joining the Navy as a medic with the hopes of becoming a paramedic or a medic on a specialized team for law enforcement. Both fields interest him and he was going to take the next 6 years to decide which route he would go.

He is still moving forward with medic training and still undecided between fire and law enforcement. We are currently enrolling him in our local community college, which offers a great EMT program. He will complete this course and get a job as an EMT. He will then decide if he continues with the paramedic courses or get his AA in criminal justice. It just depends on how much he likes being an EMT. 

We have friends in both fields who have been great mentors and will be a huge help in his moving forward in the career of his choice. Of course his dad and I each have an opinion (and they differ) as to which route he should take, but we are just supporting Justin and helping him see the pros and cons of each choice. And of course we will support him in either career choice!

We have applied for FAFSA and got approved from what I hear, an amazing amount. We just need to meet with the school to see if the program he will be taking is approved for the grant. (We are hoping it is) I guess eligibility is based on units and time in school, and this course is only 9.5 units.

We will keep you posted on his progression and what path he chooses.

For now, Mom is just happy that his is still at home for a little longer. 

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