Update on Paige

Doctor Update:
We had an appointment with Dr Cannon on Sunday and it was as good as the last one was bad. She said that Paige’s body is giving her indicators that it is ready to dive in and kick Lyme. She sees enough forward progress that she wants to move forward and be even more aggresive, She thinks it took a little while, but Paige’s body is starting to understand what we are doing and making sense out of her treatmentss and is ready to ‘work with us’.
Her doctor only added 2 new ‘medicines’ this time, but increased the dosage on several she is already taking. She doesn’t want to add too many new ones and have Paige’s body start to freak out or reject them. Since she is tolerating her current protocols, we will just increase the dosage and be more aggresive with what her body already knows.
Last visit the doctor really wanted to attack Paige’s cerebellum and it has worked. She isn’t showing high levels of Lyme, Powassan or toxins there. Which is why she has been walking without her walker or needing her wheelchair. She is still having some speech issues, so we know it is not totally clear, but well on it’s way. (while we are thankful for this, we know that it may not be long term. As with Lyme, symtoms are always changing. We know this may become an issue later, but for now we are glad it isn’t)
The level of ammonia is also way lower throughout Paige’s body. She still has a lot of neurotoxins, and she things they may even be higher, but we will be thankful for the lower ammonia. All systems that are sensitive to toxicity are where Paige is having problems, so we know that the neurotoxins are still present.
We addressed Paige’s memory and concentration and she said that may not get better as quickly as some of the other symptoms and this could be one of the things that may be permanant. We just won’t know for awhile.
Areas we are targeting now:
Proprioception System, even though Paige is walking without as much assistance, she still has to really think about foot placement. She has to tell her brain to walk, and it should just be natural. She is also very disoriented sometimes and her balance is off. This is all because of lyme in this section of her brain. We are hoping by targeting this area her body will be able to make walking and muscle control just automatic again. (http://nspt4kids.com/…/understanding-sensory-processing-di…/)
Choclea: the highest concentration of Lyme is currently in Paige’s ears. Since we know it moves around, we know this will change, but the symtoms are seriously causing Paige to go insane. She is hearing things that aren’t there, she can hear things that most can’t, sounds are amplified and sometimes she gets tunnel hearing. By targeting her ears we are hoping to get rid of these symptoms.
Otoconia Crystals: (I had never heard of these before) These little crystals move around when you move and help you gain your bearings and know where you are. They help you not be dizzy and with balance. This is another part of the ear that we are targeting with her treatments this month.
GUT: If you know Paige or are around her, you know this has been an issue for awhile. Paige can’t eat and is having a hard time maintaining weight. We have added enzymes to help her process food when she eats and her doctor has removed some of her diet restrictions for now. She wants Paige to eat…ANYTHING…until we can get her at a healthy weight and eating enough. We need Paige to eat enough to have a healthy digestive system, which will help her expel the neurotoxins. Our main goal this month is to get her to eat at least 5 times a day. Even if it isn’t super healthy and even if it is just a little bit. This is something we have been telling Paige for awhile, but having her doctor say it, hopefully she will listen. 🙂

Off and on Paige has had a sensation of something eating her bones. She can feel it and hear it. Her Dr gave her something for that also, so hopefully that won’t be happening again.

I think that is all for now. Our focus this month is balance, hearing, sound sensitivity and eating.

Our praises are the lower levels of ammonia, her body responding well to treatment, that her walking is better and that we have an amazing doctor who if working WITH Paige and her body and finding specialized treatments that work. We KNOW (yes, because we have heard it many times) that many are NOT supportive of our natural treatment route, and for a short time even we questioned it…but as we start to see positive results, we are assured that we are doing what is best for Paige at this point in time.

There are a few new needs that I have added to her Amazon wish list if anyone is interested in helping with those. We also have 2 online fundraisers going on to help raise money if anyone is interested and of course we always have PayPal, where you can donate straight to her medical treatments. (PayPal email PRIDERECON@AOL.COM)


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