Lyme Awareness Month

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Thank you for joining me as we dedicate the month of May to Lyme Awareness. I must admit, that 6 months ago I knew very little about Lyme Disease. I knew you contracted it from a tick and that is caused joint pain, but that was the extent of my knowledge. I had no idea what a co infection was, that there is acute and chronic Lyme, that so many people have it, that diagnosis is hard to get or that it would turn our family upside down.


However, when our 16-year-old daughter was diagnosed with Lyme, 4 co infections, encephalitis and other viruses I learned really quick what Lyme is. I have spent every spare moment deep in research, not only learning about Lyme but also learning about treatment options and other ways to make my daughter’s life a little easier.


I think the what shocked me the most in my research is how often people are misdiagnosed and how hard an accurate diagnosis is to get. I also had no idea that Lyme affects each person differently. It seems like almost no people have the exact same symptoms, this is what makes diagnosis so hard.


This month I am going to share with you some of what I have learned. I would like to bring awareness to Lyme and how devesting it can be. I will write about the failure of the CDC and how they are light years behind where they should be as far as diagnosis and treatments. I will try and explain what Lyme is and the different ways it affects people. We will learn that Lyme doesn’t just affect the patient, but the whole family and those around the patient.


I will share some different ways that you can help Lyme sufferers that you may know (and their family) and how we can all work together to bring awareness to Lyme Disease.


I am not a doctor, I am not a nurse. I have no formal Lyme training. I am ‘just’ a mom, who wants to help others who are walking this extremely difficult and often unknows road. If we can help each other, maybe we can make this hard journey just a little easier.


Please, Please, Please…come back every day and share this blog anywhere and everywhere. We need to get this information shared far and wide!





2 thoughts on “Lyme Awareness Month

  1. Thank you for your article. After reading it, I started to research about lyme. It is highly related to our daily life. Thank you for informing and enhance the awareness of the disease.


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