Game Night:It’s always interesting

One night in November Bryce was laying with me while he was watching videos on YouTube. He was cracking up and after several minutes I asked him what was so funny. He told me there was this potato Play-Doh game and it looked so funny. He started to tell me about it and I was lost, as usual. But I understood “game”, “play-doh” and “fun”, since my kids LOVE play-doh and play games daily I figured is would be a great Christmas present! I went to Amazon and searched for ‘Play-Doh potato game’. I found this (game below) and ordered it.

Here is a picture of the box. Above is a link to the game on Amazon. Note that it is an affiliate link, I will get a small kick back if you order the game through this link.

So last night Bryce and Chloe wanted me to play a game with them, I asked which one and they said the Play-Doh game…I had not played it before, but had watched the kids play it many times, so I figured why not?! Well, as they were explaining how to play it there was much giggling. You see, as you go around the game board your little potato head gets made into different potato ‘foods’, like potato chips, french fries and chopped up. The uncontrollable laughter came when they showed me the ‘spinner’…


Do you see that little green cloud? Apparently that is a ‘fart bubble’!! And as the littles explained this to me they were cracking up. And when I asked, ‘a fart bubble?’ The laughter deepened, because mom just said ‘fart bubble!!!’

Well, yes that is a fart bubble, right there on the spinner for this potato game. And when you land on the fart bubble, which happened every other spin last night, you get to choose any other players potato head and put them through one of the processes and send them back to start.

It seems that each time mom spun the wheel I got stuck in the ‘factory’ and always had to go back to start, they thought this was hysterical, I however did not. Between landing on the circles in the factory and the littles landing on fart bubbles, I was NEVER going to get past go. And this made the game even more fun for my children…and my husband who was watching from the couch!
Here is what I mean by the factory:

See those green scissors? If you roll a 3 from start you get cut in half by those scissors…this happened to me the first 137 times I spun, Ok, not quite that many, but it happened a lot!
Here your poor little potato head gets made into a french fry!
Those red french fries, that uses to be my potato head. Once I FINALLY made it past the scissors I met my demise at the french fry cutter!
That green knife, that is where your potato head goes to become diced potatos…That orange blob of mush, which used to be a potato head, is Bryce’s game piece. He got sent to the cutter when Chloe landed on the ‘fart bubble’ and was able to choose what to do with his potato head.

After about 40 minutes of giggles, belly laughs and mom ‘yelling’ NO MORE FART BUBBLES, just spin again, the game was over! And mom won, because from start I landed on ‘move ahead of the furthest player’ and Chloe just happened to be ONE circle away from the finish!! **wipes brow** I won!

Moral of this story, the game is cute, and funny and induces much laughter. And when mom yells NO FART BUBBLES, other kids from different rooms of the house just might come out and see what in the world is going on…and sit down and watch you become french fries for the umpteenth millionth time!

Chloe and Bryce  laughing throught the whole game!


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