A Step Into Family Fitness

​Today makes day one of major changes in our home. We are going gluten, diary and sugar free (well our goal is 80% free) and we have also recommitted to buying all organic. 
All cupboards are cleaned out, some stuff was thrown away and some was given to a friend. Justin and I went to Costco and got some new things and that’s all put away. 
I placed an order at Vitacost for vitamins and flours and ordered coconut milk and elderberries on amazon. I will make coconut milk sour cream, yogurt and kefir this weekend, along with a huge batch of elderberry syrup. 
And tonight we start working out as a family. We rearranged the garage over the weekend to fit all the equipment and everyone who will be using it. Some needed a good cleaning since we haven’t been using them 🙂
We aren’t making these changes BECAUSE of Paige, we are doing them to SUPPORT Paige. Her health protocol will be much easier if she isn’t in it alone.  So today we start a new journey, one of health, fitness and healing. 

Bryce, Samantha and Chloe

Bryce on the treadmill

Doing jumping jacks. Everyone did at least 100! 

Dad on the weight machine, Justin lifting and Fox News on in the background.

Chloe on the treadmill. I tell ya, this chick is a beast. She is small and mighty.

Sit ups

Paige and Samantha

Push ups







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