Update on Paige-Our Journey With Lyme Disease

​Paige update:

I have been in contact with the natural doctor in Ripon all week and had another telephone conversation today. She has been kept up to date on symptoms and the episode on Friday. She viewed the video today and we were able to discuss that as well. 
We have a clear path to supporting Paige’s organs and preparing her body to fight the bacteria and protozoa in her body. With different herbs, oils and supplements we will get her body systems back to optimal function. We have not ruled out the need for antibiotics, but we are choosing to try the more natural route first. Since Paige has never had an antibiotic before and has only had homeopathic medicine the past 5 years, we risk some major side effects if we use the strong antibiotics, and we would like to avoid that. We also know we need to support her organs and systems as much if not more than just killing the disease. We know that our decision to treat this way may not be popular, but we appreciate your respect and understanding that we are doing what we feel is best at this time. 

We will be making a trip to Ripon the weekend of February 11th to see this doctor, have Paige examined and do some more lab tests. The doctor also has lyme so she has first hand knowledge about the disease and can empathize with how Paige is feeling and we really feel this important for Paige. I am thankful the appointment is in a Saturday, so Jim can go with me. And more thankful for family nearby that are putting us up for the weekend. 

We are still trying to find a lyme literate doctor closer to home that we can see on a more regular basis. We would like someone on board in case we need more aggressive treatment down the road and someone we can see in case of emergency. We also need to keep up on her blood work and having someone closer will be a lot easier. 

We are kinda in shock at the cost of the treatments, but we are still less than we were warned about by some friends. So we are thankful it isn’t more. 

I am in awe at how God has prepared us for this road long before we started down it. Our lifestyle and knowledge in supporting our immune system has been pivotal in this not causing more havoc on Paige’s body. And God is already making a way to pay for long term treatments for Paige. All of this helps me not stress quite so much. 
Thank you for your prayers and support, it is much appreciated.

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