Step Into Savings: Survey’s and Savings Sites Part Two

Here is part two of how to make money with survey’s and different apps you can get on your phone. If you missed part one, go back and read it, I shared how I got started and my top two favorite apps.

Today I am going to share with you a survey site that I have a love/hate relationship with. image-e-logotopbanner2

Global Test Market is an online survey site where you earn points for each survey completed. You can also earn extra points by sampling products in your home and/or watching videos. Since joining 8 months ago I have earned over $200 through GTM.

That all sounds swell right? Who doesn’t want to make some extra money? But it takes a lot of failed survey’s to get one that you can complete. For some, and even sometimes for me, that gets old quick. But if you can keep going, that big value survey will come along. You have to be patient and spend time answering questions for nothing, but in the end it pays off.

I recently did an in home study on a shower head. Not only did I get 800 points (about $35) for using the shower head for 2 weeks and taking 2 survey’s, but I also got to keep the shower head. (a $75 value) I also got 10 jumbo rolls of toilet paper and toothpaste to sample for them. Each earns you points and free products.

You will get multiple emails a day from them telling you when a new survey is available. If I don’t have the time within the next couple of hours to take the survey, I just delete the email. The next time I take a survey I just click-through to open surveys and see what else is available.

This site has horrible customer service. It takes them forever to answer your message if you have an issue, and it usually takes several messages before the issue is resolved, but I haven’t had an issue not be resolved.

You can cash out points once you reach 1000 points, which is about $45. You can turn your points into gift cards or have the money sent to PayPal. Once you redeem your points, it usually takes 5-10 before your reward is available.

If you choose to sign up for this survey site, I can send you an email and we can both get bonus points. Otherwise, you can go directly to their website and sign up.


e-Rewards is another online survey site. I have been taking surveys with this site for about 1o months and have redemed $125 in rewards.

For each survey you take with this site they award a dollar amount, but don’t be fooled, the actual dollar amount is not the actual amount you earn. I learned this the hard way. I had accumulated $75 in rewards and thought I could redeem for $75, but that wasn’t so. The actual value of the amount earned is about 1/3. Which at first seemed like a rip off! But I thought about it and realized that they offer a much higher amount for taking their survey’s than most sites, so it probably even’s itself out in the end.

You can redeem your money for things like magazines, e gift cards and Hilton Honors points. About once a year they have a bonus opportunity where you can buy Hilton Honors points at a discount.

To sign up go to, They do not offer referral points, so you can directly to their site to sign up. They also have an app that you download on your phone for more opportunities.


The last one for today is SwagBucks! This site offers everything. You can take survey’s, you can watch videos, you can shop and earn, you can print grocery coupons and earn and you can get discounted gift cards. They also offer ‘swagbucks’ for searching the internet and entering random codes they share throughout the day.

Once you start using this site you will learn how to double and triple dip. For instance, they had a sale one weekend through their gift card store. You earned double bucks + an additional 100 bucks when you bought certain gift cards. One of those cards was for and our family had a trip coming up where I needed to book a hotel. So I bought a gift card using my PayPal credit card (I earned 1% back on the purchase using this card) and earned the bonus bucks. I then went to the shop and earn section of SwagBucks and booked my hotel, paying with my gift card and earned more bucks. So for booking a hotel for one night I earned $1.50 with my PayPal card and almost $10 in SwagBucks! You will learn how to make this site work for you quickly.

I also print all of my grocery coupons through SwagBucks. You earn 10 bucks for each coupon printed. Because I have a printer that is very cheap to use, I sometimes print every coupon offered and leave by the item at the grocery store or WalMart. It is a win/win. I earn points and someone who is going to buy that item gets a coupon.

If I am going to order anything online, I always check the shop and earn section first. They offer a certain % back from various stores. And I also check to see if they offer gift cards for that store and see if I can double dip!

They also have an app that you can download to your phone for additional savings opportunities.

If you want to sign up for SwagBucks, use this link for bonus buck!


That is all for today, check back next week for new ways to save and earn money!

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