Step Into Savings: Survey’s and Savings Apps

Living on a single income and raising 6 children in Southern California isn’t an easy task. With the constant rise of the cost of living in our area, my husbands salary seems to just cover the essentials lately.

Last June, as I was thinking about all of the Christmas gifts I would need to by, I decided to find a way to supplement our income. I searched the internet for work from home jobs, but most seemed like they were scams or took lots of money to start-up. I didn’t have money to waste and I didn’t have lots of time to go through classes or training.

While searching I stumbled on a website that shared several different survey sites…I thought what the heck, what can it hurt, and I signed up for a few. I quickly learned that not all sites are created equal. There are some that pay you well for your time, there are some that hardly pay at all. There are some that bombard you with emails and there are some that invite you weekly or monthly. I found that some only ‘pay’ you in gifts from their catalog, while others offer paypal payments and gift cards.

It took me a little while to navigate through all the different ones and realize which ones would help ME make money. Some sites might work for other people, but I just found them to be a waste of time.

I am going to share with you some of my favorite ‘make money’ sites. I will give you a brief description of how they work and what I was able to make with them last year. I will share a few a week so you can ease into this and not feel overwhelmed. If you have any questions at all, please just ask!

My favorite survey site is Toluna. You can take surveys online and they also have an app that you download for more opportunities. They will send you emails inviting you to surveys or you can log into your account and see if there are any available. They have one question user submitted surveys that give you 15 points for answering. This is a super quick way to earn some points. There are usually 5-15 of these one question surveys a day, so in a really short amount of time you can earn points.

This site offers e gift cards and paypal payments. I think the point to dollar ration is a little bit more for paypal payments, which is why I usually get e gift cards. Since June of 2016 I have cashed in $175 in rewards from Toluna.

Here is a link to sign up…but if you provide me with your email address and I send you a personal invitation, you will get a bonus for signing up.


My favorite rebate site is Ibotta. In about a year I have earned over $250 with this app. It is pretty easy to use once you get the hang of it, which took me a couple of shopping trips. You download the app from your app store and create an account. Before you go shopping, review the current rebates being offered at the stores you are going to go to. ‘Unlock’ those rebates by either answering a question or watching a very short video, usually 10 seconds. Once the item is unlocked you can add it to your grocery list (doing this makes it much easier to cash in the rebate). I usually make a list of the items I have unlocked for quick reference at the store. When you get home  you open the app, go to your grocery list and scan the bar code of each item that you bought. Once you have scanned all of the bar codes and they are checked off of your list you scan your receipt and submit it. Easy as that. I usually get the credit for the rebates in 1-24 hours. Average time is about 2 hours. Ibotta cashes out your rebates when you have $25 earned and they use Paypal for their payments. This is one of the few apps that send payment instantly, there is no waiting time or review period.
Ibotta offers rebates at more than grocery stores and more than food items. So be sure and check out the current offers before you hit stores like Michael’s, Joann’s, Chili’s and Home Depot, make sure you aren’t missing out on a rebate!

If you use this code when you create an account, you will get a bonus $10 when you redeem your first rebate: 4z95eg


Here are a couple to get your started. I will try to list a couple every couple of days for you. If you have any others that I may not have heard of, please feel free to send me an email and tell me about them:

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