The 2017 Inauguration: The Transition of Power

Eight years ago, when I wasn’t very happy about the election results or the upcoming Inauguration, I decided to look at it in a different way. I decided to focus on the unique gift we have as American’s to vote, elect a new President, the PEACEFULL transition of power and the history and traditions related to the inauguration festivities. I scoured the internet to find all that I could on the history of the Inauguration and what would be happening when President Obama was sworn into office.

The kids and I studied the whole process for a week leading up to the Inauguration and we ended our study with an Inauguration Dinner, one that mimicked the meal that President Obama would be having at the Inauguration Lunch. I sure wish I could find pictures of our dinner, it was fabulous. We had roasted duck, we set the table with Jim’s grandmothers china and we dressed in our Sunday best. It was special and something I still remember.

This year, with all of Paige’s appointment, I really hadn’t thought much about the Inauguration or doing anything special for it. But as I sat in bed Thursday night watching the news, I realized that my four older kids will probably be out of the house when the next election is held, so I needed to seize the moment to teach them again of the importance of this special day. I had less than 12 hours before the swearing-in ceremony and needed to get in gear.

However, I could not pull myself away from the TV long enough on Friday, Inauguration Day, to make any of the necessary preparations and Jim was going to be late getting home, so we decided to have our dinner on Saturday. Friday we all watched the swearing-in and the parade together. We discussed the history and traditions of the events as we watched them. We all laughed watching those adorable kids in the Oval Office playing with the pens; Barron playing peek-a-boo with Ivanka’s youngest child was probably the highlight of the day for me. Of course my girls were oohing and aahing over the clothes and we talked about past First Ladies and what they wore and how they are remembered for their ‘look’. Justin was of course telling us what uniform went with what branch of the military and what their job was by looking at pins on their uniform. And we all cheered when we heard that ‘Mad Dog’ was officially sworn in!!

Saturday I went about preparing for our meal in the morning and later I worked on the printables and table setting. I was able to find a web site (I will link it below) that provided the official program and recipes from the Inauguration Luncheon. (I was pretty excited when I found that site.) I could not find a printable official invitation, so I created one to look like the picture of one I found on the internet. Each child got an invitation, inviting them to our special dinner.

Before the meal we read a little bit of history on the Inauguration and its events. We read about Donald Trump in a lapbook that I got from Teachers Pay Teachers (link below), the kids did some puzzles related to the Inauguration and the 45th President, we read about and watched a couple of videos on how the transition of moving one family out of and one family into the White House is done and we read the official oath that all presidents take.

Now it was time for dinner. We loosely followed the official meal and served grilled steak, shrimp, potatoes, salad and bread. We had sparkling grape juice instead of wine and we had cherry vanilla ice cream for dessert. I made the kids ‘dress nice’ and that was of course met with grumbles and groans 🙂

All in all, for throwing it together in a day, I think it turned out pretty good. We learned a lot and ended with a fabulous meal.

Here are some pictures and links for you:


Since our china is in the attic I just bought ‘crystal’ plates and cups at the store. 20170121_163530

I printed the official luncheon program, folded them and tied leaves with a ribbon for the boys and babies breath for the girls. I am sure this wasn’t done at the luncheon, but I’m sure they weren’t printed in draft on plain white paper either 🙂 So I had to pretty them up somehow. 20170121_163554

Now I don’t have a rose garden to go pick beautiful flowers from, nor do I have an onsite florist. Flowers from Stater Bros in Mason jars it was for our table. Not quite as elegant, but still pretty. 20170121_163604

They served wine from Napa Valley, Ca at the official lunceon…but I have minors so we settled for sparking grape juice. I was surprised when I read about the luncheon that the wine being served was only $13 a bottle. I was impressed that they weren’t serving thousand dollar a bottle wine. 20170121_171546

Since I couldn’t find a printable copy of the invitation anywhere I created my own based on a photograph. 20170121_184949

Dinner: salad and bread with a side of Blake’s arm in my picture20170121_185001

Dinner: grilled steak, we did not make the chocolate jus to go the top however20170121_185011

Dinner: shrimp
Chole and I ate almost a pound of shrimp between us, she loves it as much as I do20170121_185038

Dinner on the table20170121_18504820170121_185213

The kids ‘dressed up’ for dinner. Well, not really! But I took what I got.

We noticed that Donald Trump gave the thumbs up sign about 18,000 times, ok maybe a slight exaggeration, but he did it  a lot. 20170121_185934

All ready to eat
I said no hats at the table but someone snuck his in anyways20170121_190012

Justin’s plate20170121_190033

Chloe’s plate20170121_212027

I was pretty excited when I found this ice cream since I really didn’t have time to make my own! It was really good. We also had cookies instead of chocolate cake because Costco was baking cookies when we were there and smelled way to good to pass up. I think they may do that on purpose! 20170121_21191720170121_171554

Coloring picture20170121_171607




(I will 99% of the time share FREE links. I don’t like seeing an awesome idea and clicking through and seeing that it costs $8-12! So I use free resources and will share them with you)


Web site for the official program and menu:

Web site explaining the official move:

Inauguration Day Work Puzzles:

Coloring Page:

Inauguration Day Lapbook:


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