Step into a new year: Party Superhero Style

Last Saturday, January 7, we got to celebrate the birthdays of my two youngest children. Bryce turned 9 and Chloe turned 7. It was a long 4 months of planning and executing, but it was an amazing day.

We had over 60 of our friends and family here to celebrate with us. We had a little rain and wind, but all in all it was a great day.

Below are some pictures, I hope you enjoy them.


Justin, my 17 year old son, made me the frame for the Batcave. We used 1×1 wood that we got for under $1.00 at Home Depot and built a frame to go around my door. I covered the frame with cardboard that I had been saving and then crinkled up black paper and hot glued it to the cardboard. It wasn’t perfect, but it did add a lot to the decor. 15825819_10211803229174483_8291438920527721501_n

Some of the food. I think the Captain America fruit tray was my favorite. I used strawberries, blueberries and marshmallows to make the shield and I made a quick fruit dip for the center. I found that awesome star shaped dish at the dollar tree. 15826693_10210508550563383_7303983409304033001_n

This is Justin, my oldest son, with my nephew Micah. Micah was trying to get Justin to make a superhero mask with him.


My little birthday boy with his IronMan balloon. We used Ryan and Jazzy of The Great Party Company for our face painting and balloon art. They are AMAZING!!! I can’t say how much everyone just loved them and their art!


Here is some more of the food.
I ordered a graphics package on Etsy that I used for all of the labels and signs. The owner of the store was amazing, even customizing something for me at no charge. I loved how everything turned out.
Here is a link for the graphics:

My gramma from Colorado was visiting for Christmas and was able to attend the party. That was a special treat. Here she is with Samantha and Justin.15844160_10211803103931352_6950165426253582763_o

This was another one of my crazy ideas that Justin made happen for me. I will explain how we made it in another picture. 15844220_10211803090491016_5370059293465672744_o

My birthday Iron Man15844229_10211803107571443_2598409091153442070_o-1

Here is the dessert/candy table. You can see that I used more of the graphics that I bought from Etsy here. I printed some of the labels on sticker paper and that worked really well for the jars. 15844275_10211803100211259_6582244753602034885_o

The two birthday kids. Bryce and Chloe15844386_10211803083450840_1498795653722373251_o

Here is my niece June with her giraffe face paint! I’m telling ya, Jazzy is seriously the best. 15844462_10211803086090906_3681857784765049424_o

My niece Emma with her face paint15844540_10211803111611544_2536828044848202275_o

And of course the batman cookie cutter that I bought for the sandwiches was nowhere to be found the day of the party…but the show still went on 🙂15844624_10211803110171508_1148690193129285324_o

My son made this for me also. He used more 1×1’s and made the frame. I covered it with cardboard and black paper to finish it off. The kids thought it was a pretty cool thing to play in. 15844790_10211803093211084_8046783524309887052_o

The dessert table. I had little to go containers that I got off of Amazon and little bags that people could fill up and take home. 15871673_10211803228734472_5727458663213623294_n

More food15871762_10211803228374463_6792914698864084039_n-1

I used my Explore Air to cut out these awesome vinyl pieces for the punch jars. I bought the templates on Etsy and the vinyl online. I loved how they turned out.
Link to templates:
link for vinyl:

My original plan was to cover large boxes with paper and make a huge Hulk Smash, but with my daughter falling ill, I didn’t have the time to get that done. So Amazon to the rescue!


My nephew with his superhero mask that he made and his Hulk Hands made by Ryan.15873478_10211803224574368_4724643402572399973_n-1

The dessert table
I made that garland by hand. It has over 8 yards of fabric. I cut it all into strips with my pinking shears and then knotted it onto a piece of ribbon. It took me several evenings to finish it…and it is HEAVY!15874702_10211803085970903_9005794996706387848_o

I ordered these jars on Amazon, they were a lot bigger then we realized, but we all loved them!!!


Batman pizza15875147_10211803100331262_1271327213468483954_o

Didn’t I tell ya Jazzy is amazing?!?!15875255_10211803104051355_3546974692203995783_o

I had all the games planned for my back yard. But after 2 weeks worth of rain, my backyard was a mud pit. So we had to move everything to the front yard. It threw my planning off and the games didn’t go quite as planned…but the kids all still had fun. 15875348_10211803107491441_4831790682510468922_o-1

Chloe wanted to be Harley Quinn, and you can’t find a Harley Quinn outfit in a size 5, so we had to make one. I don’t think it turned out half bad.15894718_10211803225334387_8213435243813236815_n

I saw this on pinterest and showed Justin. Since he thinks pinterest is of the devil, he wasn’t thrilled. But he still made this for me and he likes it so much it is in his room.
I bought a cheap piece of wood that measured 24″x24″, it was under $5. We printed a template on the computer and enlarged it. Justin used the jigsaw and cut it out for me. He then glued the batter powered lights that I bought from Amazon (see a theme here) around the back edge to make it ‘glow’. I bought battery powered lights so we wouldn’t have the cord hang down…but this set of lights had a very large batter pack and it would not allow the bat signal to go flush against the wall. SOO, we had a cord hanging down.


Flash Obstacle Course.
I bought these little cones on Amazon and we made a balance beam and the kids had to race through the cones and across the balance beam.

Link for cones: <a target=”_blank” href=””>Dazzling Toys Pack of 12 7 Inch Orange Plastic Traffic Cones</a><img src=”//” width=”1″ height=”1″ border=”0″ alt=”” style=”border:none !important; margin:0px !important;” />15895291_10211803224934377_2610401609345414073_n15895490_10211803104011354_299893092433069671_o-1

I saw these on pinterest, they were used for a Mad Scientist birthday party, I knew I had to use them for something, they were just awesome!! So Bryce helped me come up with a way to use them, Hulk Antidote.
I just made green apple jello and filled the tubes. The kids loved them…all 25 were gone!
Link to jello shot syringes: <a target=”_blank” href=”″>25 Pack EZ-InjectTM Jello Shot Syringes (Medium 1.5oz)</a><img src=”//” width=”1″ height=”1″ border=”0″ alt=”” style=”border:none !important; margin:0px !important;” />15895669_10211803082210809_8669621600189888896_o

Bryce and my nephew Micah15895917_10211803107651445_1293191251098236779_o-1

More food15896110_10211803110011504_8605321629097309892_o-1

Chloe and Emma, they are cousins and best friends15896196_10211803105091381_177490663241806564_o-1

Mom and dad with the birthday kids15936510_10211803098691221_6067542554496615987_o

Here is the AMAZING bat signal all lit up15936581_10211803101731297_4874649301805526960_o-115936764_10211803113291586_7952859534363078795_o

For this game I bought a Thor Hammer on Amazon (there we go again) and we filled it with sand. That sounded a lot easier in my head, let me tell you. But we got it done and it made the hammer heavy. The kids had to see if they could lift Thor’s hammer. 15936822_10211803110051505_4660296858291573444_o-1

More desserts15936944_10211803090131007_3260784593659320885_o-1

More desserts15937014_10211803098851225_2003469884415270889_o
After just a few hits, the $40 pinata was already breaking. So we took away the bat and gave the kids the Hulk Hands. They thought it was fun and the pinata lasted through all of the kids. 15937170_10211803107611444_265658209844046242_o-1

Candy and more candy


Me and my niece June15940788_10211803223014329_265622060844205800_n

Samantha, my up and coming baker, made the cupcakes. She did such a great job. 15940909_10211803225774398_3772450550434977046_n

AHHHHHH!!! It is SO awesome.15940933_10210508553003444_7228293046292390286_n

Paige and my nephew Micah15941040_10211803226574418_1059759721481460306_n

I used my Explore Air and made this for the bathroom. I think is when my family thought I had lost it 😉
I downloaded a free batman font and created this real quick. I wanted to leave it up forever, but it came down. 15941521_10211803224294361_2196629893770237679_n

The whole tablescape


Dad on the roof on pinata duty15966002_10211803231654545_5517694773886363411_n

Ryan and Jazzy of The Great Party Company

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