We start 2017 with some difficult steps

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I can’t believe we are half way through January 2017 already. Where does the time go??

I have been told for years that I should start a blog and I have always answered with, “if only I had the time!” Well this year is no different, in fact I have even less time then I have had in the past. So why did I decide to start blogging?? Well, I think we have a story to tell. I think the ups and down in our life can minister to others.

What will  you find in this blog??

You will find a busy and tired momma just trying to do the best for her family.

You will learn about living a more healthy life. I will share with you the steps that we use in our family and how this journey of being healthy is a long and slow one.

You will learn ways we save and budget in our family. I will share with you sales, discounts and deals that I know about. I will share how we live on a single income, while raising 6 kids in Southern California.

You will see lots of pictures of my kids and animals. They are my joys and will share about them often 🙂

You will get crafting ideas. The family that crafts together stays together right??!! We LOVE to craft and create and I will share lots of ideas with you that you can do with your family.

You will see the very real struggles of our family. The daily yuck! The stuff people don’t want to talk about. I keep it real folks.

You will hear a lot about the current health issues with our 16-year-old daughter. Not only because I want help, but because maybe our story, our journey, our steps can help someone else.

What you don’t see on this blog!

You won’t see lots of wit or funny writing…well because I am not funny nor am I witty. If you want to read that, go check out Mike Rowe! He is the king of whitty and great writing. And to be frank…I am just too tired most days to be funny.

You won’t always see great grammar! I am sorry to the grammar police, but this is not a strong suit for me. It never was and probably never will. I have tried I promise and this has probably been the single biggest reason I haven’t blogged in the past! But, I am over it. I will write and you will roll your eyes and that is OK. We still have a story to share, even if written poorly.

You won’t see political posts. And this is NOT because I don’t have a very strong opinion, lol!!


If you think you might like to follow me on our journey through this thing we call life, I would love to have you!

Blessings for 2017

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